About Aussie Pete

I did my cooking apprenticeship from 1978-81 and have been cooking ever since. I love food, flavour and feeding people.

I was born and raised in Melbourne and watched it evolve from a meat and two veg town into one of the best and most diverse foodie cities in the world. I moved to the UK in October 2019 and started Aussie Pete's in April 2020 after guests at my dinner parties said I should take my homecooked meals to the masses. 

We are living in difficult times and more than ever we need the comfort of good food, cooked with flair and flavour, that offers great value for money.

My aim is to help you if you're too busy to cook or just fancy a night off. I can also offer freezer cooking and menu planning. 

Freshly prepared and free delivery to your door if you're local to Chester CH3. Now the boring stuff... I'm professionally trained and I am a registered and insured food business with Cheshire West and Chester Council.

And remember, "ask not what your country can do for you...

Ask what's for dinner".  AP